2019-20 Global Business

Global Business Morning 2019-20

Global Business Morning Students
Left to Right:
Row 1: Taylor Young, Paige Robinson, Ashley Molitor, Anna Dyson and Jocelyn Dixon.
Row 2: Addison Eckelkamp, Emily Bledsoe, Maddie Crider, Katie Tyree and Alyce Bean.
Row 3: Brennan Strubberg, Hunter Caldwell, Gage Rombach, Colton Cozza, Blane Forbes, Michael Bigelow, Logan Dieckman, Caleb Bay, Carter Kleekamp and Dennis Scurtu.

Global Business Afternoon 2019-20
Global Business Afternoon Students
Left to Right:
Row 1: Kylie Kuenzel, Julia Gerling, Alexa Bell, Kassidy Phillips, Olivia Karll and Hannah Johnson.
Row 2: Claire Birke, Clara Evans, Kaly Stieffermann, Josie Newman, Maddy Ohmes and Sebbie Secor.
Row 3: Tate Hendricks, Augie Campbell, Josh Hays, Preston Wideman, Chris Cherry, Tyler Lottmann and Ian Maloney.
Row 4: Logan Roewe, Tommy Kakadiaris, Bryce Meyer, Brandon Titter, Levi Webb, Sam Martin and Chris Rice.
Row 5: Matthew Amlong, Trevor Rinne, Jeremiah Broadbent, Jacob Krakowski, Cameron McElhaney and Joseph Hackmann.

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 Global Business Mission Statement

"Our mission as young business men and women is to develop new companies in our community by inspiring, educating, and innovating for professional success in a dynamic, global environment."

Global Business Course Description

This course introduces students to the knowledge, attributes and skills entrepreneurs need to create and launch their own business concepts.

The cutting-edge thinkers of tomorrow will experience a unique and creative learning atmosphere conducive to business innovation. The course allows students to frame learning opportunities as they research ideas, analyze market viability, create prototypes and solutions as well as pitch their projects to actual business and community leaders.

Students are taught the foundations of business needed to start companies while developing skills and talents necessary to invent their own careers.

Global Business

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Online Payments

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